How do I get the best possible email accuracy with

Hello everyone,

Many of our new users test a bit, get what they think as bad emails, and then draw the conclusion that is not reliable.

Email validation services are NOT reliable

So first of all, let’s talk about how to find out if an email is good or bad. There are email validation services on the Internet (such as,, etc … check this article for detailed information : ). However, these services ARE NOT 100% reliable (because of the limits of the technology they use), that is, sometimes a correct email will be analyzed as bad, and other times a bad email will be analyzed as good.

So, if you test the emails finds against these platforms, this will not prove the emails are good or bad. does not turn mud into gold

One of the main reasons why the emails are NOT good is that the data you provide is NOT good. That is, in order to find the right email addresses, our algorithm needs to have good input data: name and company of the people whose emails you’re looking for. If you provide poor quality data, that is, false/incorrect names, outdated information about companies where people work, this will ultimately lead to unreliable emails. We’re able to correct this up to a certain point, but definitely the more accurate the data you provide, the more accurate the emails you’ll get.

We’re  Artificial Intelligence and Big Data experts, we’re not alchemists, we cannot turn mud into gold 🙂 takes up to 10 minutes to fully find & verify the validity of an email address

However, sometimes, it may happen that GetEmail gives you wrong email addresses. If this is your case, it is BECAUSE YOU DID NOT USE GETEMAIL CORRECTLY.

Please read below how to proceed in order to have up to 97% OF CORRECT EMAILS.

When searches for a particular email address, it launches lots of processes in parallel, in order to find the email you’re looking for, in real time. After a couple of seconds, most of the time, we’ve already found a possible email address, even if we’re not yet sure this is the good one. Because you want a correct email address, but you also need it quickly, we’ve set up a trade off between speed and reliability. So when you’ve sent a request to we’ll display the email address we reasonably think is the good one as fast as possible. After we give it to you (by the way, with all sorts of warnings and disclaimers, if you read our comments), we continue to fully test the email we’ve found, until we’re sure it is the correct one.

The complete process of searching an email takes 10 minutes, sometimes more. It’s only after this, that we’re able to give you a reliable email address.

This is why some email addresses we provide are bad: because we’ve displayed them for you before we were able to fully test them.


Please proceed as follows :

  1. send as many requests as you want, insert as many prospects as you want into You can do this by using the Google Chrome Extension, by our API, by hand one by one, by uploading an CSV, etc …
  2. wait for 10 minutes
  3. extract the prospects you’ve harvested by downloading the CSV file with all your contacts

Now, some of you will say, “deah … wait for 10 minutes for every email is too much”. NO, you don’t have to add a prospect, wait 10 minutes, then add another one, etc … You just add all of them as fast as possible, in parallel, then, when you’re done, wait for 10 minutes (once), and download all of them at once.


How many credits do we use on


Many of you wonder how many credits they will pay when they use, so here’s a clear explanation of how it works.

If you’re using the Google Chrome Extension

When our algorithm is searching for an email, it will follow 2 steps :

Step 1. SEARCH for the email.

Step 2. VERIFY the email, to make sure it’s the right one.

When using our Google Chrome Extension, the “Step1. SEARCH” will take 1 credit, but “Step 2. VERIFICATION” is free.

So, there are 3 possibilities :

  1. We have not found any email. You don’t use any credit.
  2. We have found an email, and it passed the verification procedure, it’s most likely a good email. You’ll use 1 credit.
  3. We have found a possible email, but it DID NOT pass the verification procedure, son the email is NOT good. You’ll still use 1 credit, because we’ve used a lot of computing ressource to find that out. You’ll use 1 credit.

If you use our “VERIFY” feature

Every email verification will use 1 credit. If you send several times the same request, it will not use any additional credit.

If you use our “COMPANY” feature

Every request will take 1 credit. However, please be aware that the emails are NOT verified. If you want to make sure the emails are correct, you have to pass them through the “VERIFY” feature, and eliminate the bad ones.


Welcome to GetEmail, Laura!

Hello all,

Last week we welcomed in our new Marketing Officer, Laura Quintard. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh and has decided to pursue a professional career within the IT world.

She will be in charge of the implementation of the marketing strategy for Part of her duty is also to provide an excellent customer service and ensure that every questions and clarification regarding our solution are dealt with. Hence, I invite you to get in touch with her for inquiries about GetEmail.

Gabriel CIAN


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The reality behind the magic of

Hi floks,

I’ve just found a nice article on the net, explaining in great detail some principles of what we do automatically, tens of thousands of times per day, here at

For those who want to know the reality behind the magic, here’s something you should read:

Cheers to all of you,

Gabriel, cofounder of


Company directory launched

Hello everyone,

We’ve just launched a company directory, that will list interesting data we have about companies and their employees emails :

It may look not interesting like that, when you look at it, but the day you’re looking for a specific job title inside a specific company, and you’ll stumble upon our page, you’ll be happy.


Gabriel, co-founder at

People talk about on Quora

Hi everyone,

We’ve discovered a couple of days ago, that some of our users talked about on Quora :

Thank you to those who talked about us on Quora!

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Switzerland loves

Hello all,

We’re thrilled to see an article in one of the main medias in Switzerland :


Well, it’s in French, but what it says, is mainly that our tool allows anybody to find any professional email address, including Richard Branson, Dell, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, etc.


Gabriel, co-founder at

How to write a successful follow-up email?

Relance email

You sent your first email and you didn’t receive as much aswers as you hope ? You should know that it is extremely rare to turn your prpspects into client with the first email. The follow up by email multiplicate by 5 the return rate! GetEmail will give you a few techniques to improve your follow-up emails.

  • When to follow-up? And how many reminders should you send? : If you send too much emails, your prospect will feel harassed, but if you don’t send enough, you take the risk of being forgotten. You should not send more than 7 follow-up emails. They should be spaced out but of good quality.
  • You can use the “Have you received my previous email?” techniques. This is called the copywritting. The trick is to copy your first email. We can see that many people who didn’t read your previous message, read this one. Wait 2-3 days before you send it.
  • Don’t send your follow-up email to anybody! Your reminder has to personalized according to your prospect : did he read your email? is it an user? The more you will split, the more you will have the chance to send the right message to the right person. There are email marketing tools such as MailChimp that allows a precise segmentation and the production of follow-up storylines.
  • How to make a follow-up email to an inactive client? A client is said inactive when he hasn’t bought you anyhting for 1 year. Yet again, you have to split well your inactive clients according to their last purchase to be compatible with their situation. Highlight the advantages of your products/services. Propose them special offers. In short, make them understand that they are well advised to trust you once again.
  • Be attractive : Give your prospects relevant information, that can be of interest to them!
  • Be different : If your first email was not convincing, you can follow-up with your prospect in talking about another advantage of your product or service, that might be more seductive.
  • You can propose to fix a phone call appointment. Asking a Yes/No will improve your response rate.

Jessica Lecerf GetEmail

Jessica Lecerf
CMO at



Is our service only working on LinkedIn?

Yes, but a form is available on your GetEmail dashboard to reconstitute the email address. Indeed, by clicking on “Create New prospect” you have to write the first name, the last name and the domain name of the person you would like to contact, and we will give you the email address.

Do we also find telephone numbers?

GetEmail is only able to find email addreses and extract information from LinkedIn profiles but we do not find telephone numbers because it’s extremely hard to find a direct line, and mobile phone numbers. Most of the tools which exist today are not very reliable.

Why do GetEmail find personal email addresses?

When our application find a personal email address, that means that the person chose deliberately to be contacted through this email address because it appears on his/her LinkedIn profile.

Who are your biggest customers?

We have an international clientele from all the industries. Our biggest customers are Dell, the American informatic company, Oxalide, the web provider and Altares Dun & Bradstreet.

Who is your main target?

Our main customers are business developers, salespersons and people who work in the marketing department and would like to send emailing campaign for example. Recruiters also like our tool because it allows them to find the best applicants.

How many users do we have ?

We have more than 1000 users, and tens of registrations everyday !

What information do you have on your dashboard?

First of all, you find your prospect list (people you found through LinkedIn or through the form), with the following information : first name, last name, email address, website, position, Twitter account (if there is one). You can also subscribe to one of our different subscriptions by clicking on “Upgrade subscription”, contact us to buy a prospect list, watch our demo video or even integrate our API key into Pardot.

How can you reinstall the extension?

To reinstall our extension, you have to click on the following link :

and click on Add to Chrome.

Is GetEmail only available on Google Chrome?

For the moment, GetEmail is only available on Google Chrome, the most used search engine.

How can you contact us?

It is very simple ! Here is our telephone number, where our marketing/customer relations department will be happy to help you and answer all your questions : 0033184212370

You can also get in touch with us by email : and

Why are our prices in USD?

We use this currency because it’s more simple since we have a lot of international users. That’s also the reason why our website is written in English.

Why do the email research is so long?

We do a lot of tests to make sure the email address you are looking for is correct.

Can I take a plan for my company?

If several people in your company are interested in subscribing to GetEmail, it’s possible to have a shared account in order to centralise your research.

Is there a way to automate the research?

We offer you the possibility to use our API key that allows you to automate your research.

We also offer a database system where we find for you the prospects and provide you a full list.

Do we have a partnerhsip with LinkedIn?

We do not have any partnership with LinkedIn because we don’t get into their database at all. We only “scan” the public data.

Which CRM is GetEmail integrated to?

For the moment, GetEmail is only integrated to Pardot. However, if you use another marketing automation tool, or a another CRM software, you can send us a request by email.


How to write an effective marketing email ?

Now that you found good prospects likely to be interested by your offer, there is an essential step that allows you to contact a high number of people in record time : the email marketing. You will contact cold propects, that is to say people you’ve never talked to before. Here are the key points on how to successfully cold email potential contacts :

♦ Choose an appropriate sender name : You have to make it easy for your prospect to understand who the message comes from. You can use the name of the company or your own name.

♦ Do not overlook the subject line : It has to prompt the opening of the email. Avoid using spam trigger words such as free, money, click, etc… ; and also the capital letters, at risk of ending up in the spams. It can be also possible (and efficient) to put the name of the person you would like to contact in the subject line (example : To John Smith).

♦ The shaping : Nobody wants to receive an email that request time to read it, and even less the CEO of a company who doesn’t have any minute to waste. The imagery has to be nice, without big paragraphs. You can use lists, with numbers at the beginning of your sentence for example.

♦ Introduce yourself ! : In the first lines of your message, do not hesitate to introduce yourself in order to lay the foundations of a welcoming first contact with your prospect. Specify in a few words what is your job, and why you would like to get in touch with your prospect.

♦ Pay attention to the content of your message : Use simple words, go the the main point. Be clear with who you are and what you offer. You can even create a “double levels reading” using bold letters. Do not forget to insist on the benefits on your product.

Your email also has to encourage your prospect to do something : visit your website, accept a phone call appointment, etc… You can end up your email asking a question to provoke a reply.

♦ And last but not least… the reminders ! : Do not send more than 4 email reminders. After your first email, if your prospect didn’t reply, wait at least 2-3 days before contacting him again. This first email reminder is useful to know if your prospect received your message. Do not follow up everyday, you would run the risk of irritating the person you’re sending the email to.