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How artificial intelligence help to build marketing automation?

If you look back for technology news in recent years, you will find out the huge improvement of artificial intelligence (AI), and the gradually intensive utilization in marketing and workflow management. It differs from marketing automation (MA). Artificial intelligence refers to the computer system that can tackle tasks or solve problems by itself. However, in […]

Quick Guide for B2B email marketers: most common concerns for GDPR

With the enforcement date (25th May, 2018) of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) approaching, it’s necessary for all the B2B email marketer carefully reexamining about the data they obtaining their marketing strategies. There are many interpretations about this regulation which have arose countless discussions. This article answered the most common questions that we have received […]

Changes in our freemium model

Hello everyone, I hope the summer allowed all of you to take some holidays, and take advantage of the sun 🙂 Here, at GetEmail.io, we’re back and working, improving the service, as always. Today, we’ve taken the decision to restrict the free plan, due to many users trying to abuse the system by creating multiple […]

Le blog d’Intuiti parle de nous!

Chers utilisateurs de GetEmail.io (français), Je souhaite adresser un grand merci à Julie David, qui a rédigé un article de présentation de GetEmail.io sur le célèbre blog d’Intuiti : [#MarketUp] Une nouvelle solution pour se constituer une BDD propre et gratuite Bonne nuit à tous !

Italy loves GetEmail.io!

Hi folks, Just a quick message to thank Andrea Bovarini, our italian marketing partner, for featuring GetEmail.io on his blog : http://www.andreabovarini.com/2017/04/27/getemail-find-email-addresses/ So proud to see that our efforts yield positive results, especially in lowering the bounce rate of the emails our algorithm finds (<4% according to the article), resulting in an open rate on […]

GetEmail.io is featured in Entrepreneur.com!

Dear GetEmail.io users, We’re so proud to tell you that one of the biggest online magazines, specialized in startups and entrepreneurs, talks about GetEmail.io. To read it, please click here : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/295269 Many thanks to Jeremiah Desmarais, who tested our service, purchased one of our paid plans, used it successfully and now talks about GetEmail.io in […]

How many credits do we use on GetEmail.io?

Hello, Many of you wonder how many credits they will pay when they use GetEmail.io, so here’s a clear explanation of how it works. If you’re using the Google Chrome Extension When our algorithm is searching for an email, it will follow 2 steps : Step 1. SEARCH for the email. Step 2. VERIFY the […]

New GetEmail.io killing feature: list management

Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently released the most requested feature amongst our users. From now on, you’ll be able to create lists of prospects, and add the new prospects directly in those lists. This feature will significantly increase your productivity, because you’ll create as many categories of prospects […]